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Romantic Poems

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For Someone Special

The fear of rejection was stopping me, but I don’t have the time to waste
I’m past cloud 9 when I place my hands around your waist

I know lately things have been kind of crazy
buts there is no denying it girl I want you to be my baby

I want to be the one you talk about when you talk to your friends bout the one you loving
The one you can run to the one you can confide in

I want to be the one to keep you warm when its cold
give you a hand to hold

Someone to depend on when life gets rough
When your not here pictures and dreams just aren’t enough

Sometimes I cant find the words to describe your beauty
and don’t disagree, you look pretty damn hot to me

I want to be the one to loosen the cuffs when they too tight
I’m the one that will have you smiling from the break of dawn till the late night

Cause the truth is if the angel of death came to me tonight to take me off this earth
My last wish would be to see your face first

Cause I know there is no angel that could ever match your beauty and style
Nobody on heaven or earth can come close to that beautiful smile.