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Sorry Messages

“I am sorry,
if i hurt u,
but i never meant to do this,
but i want u 2 know this,
that i really love u…..
and i do.”

I am sorry if I hurt you - Sorry Messages - Picture Quotes

I Know My Sorry May Not Mean
A Lot To You At The Moment,
Please Give Me A Chance
To Show You That I
Really Mean It And You Can
Trust Me All Over Again.

My sorry may not mean anything - Sorry Messages - Picture Quotes

I am sorry for being so emotional.
I am sorry of being so possessive.
I am sorry that I cry for you.
I am sorry because I can’t live without you!

I am sorry,
if i hurt u,
but i never meant to do this,
but i want u 2 know this,
that i really love u…..and i do.

I know I’ve hurted you…
I didn’t mean to..
I am so sorry…
Please forgive me.

Don’t get confused,
SORRY means:
S: Some,
O: One Is,
R: Really,
R: Remembering,
Y: You.
And dear, I’m sorry!

My lies have caused a lot of pain.
I promise to never do it again.
All I want is to see you smile forever
and ever not just for a while.

Saying Sorry is not only admitting the mistake.
It is surrendering to the love, affection, respect and caring from the bottom of the heart for someone special.
Sorry for hurting you!

Hey Princess I Am Really Incomplete Without You,
Now I Realise How Big Mistake I Did To Hurt You,
But Now I Am Really Crying Inside And Feeling Sorry..
Please Forgive Me!

A very BIG SORRY to my world!

I wish that I could go back in time and just change all that I have done.
I am truly sorry.
Hope you will eventually forgive me.

I’m sorry.
Sometimes I get jealous thinking that someone else could make you happier than i could.
I guess it’s my insecurities acting up.
Because i know that \nI’m not the most prettiest, smartest or most fun and exciting.
But, i do know that no matter how hard or long you look;
you’ll never find somebody that loves you like i do.

What I did was foolish and totally impulsive.
If i could take it all back, i’d do this so instantly.
I truly didn’t mean to hurt you in any way.
I’m sorry for hurting you!

I Know I Have Not Behaved Right.
I Know I Have Hurt You.
I Am Feeling Very Guilty
And I Will Try To Make It Up To You.
Please Forgive Me.

I Am Sorry, I Know Very Few\ Ways To Love You,
But In Every Single Way I Love You From My Deep Deep Heart,
There Is None In My Heart But You!
If Its Not Enough For You,
I Guess Then Am Not The One!

I know you are angry at me
The sad look in your eyes,
I can see
I know you feel let down
I can sense the hurt in your frown
I shouldn’t have lied to you,
I realize
A friend like you, is my life’s prize.
I am Sorry…

Words will not be able to ever express how sorry I am for this;
And I have profound regret and sorrow for the multitude of mistakes and harm, I have caused!

I am sorry is a statement.
I won’t do it again is promise.
How do I make it up to you, is a responsibility.

I Know I Messed Up,
But Please Forgive Me!
I Should Of Though A Bit Longer Before Doing Stupid Things
I’m Sorry For That,
I Know I Can’t Turn Back Time,
But I Really Want To.

It takes a strong person to say ‘Sorry‘ and an even stronger person to ‘Forgive‘.

I have committed a sin to make you sad;
And I am realizing that I am very bad.
So please forgive me to lessen the grief;
Your forgiveness will lead to a huge relief.

Forgive me please!

It Was Never My Intention To Be Unfaithful,
Things Happened And Now I Realize That I Was Very Selfish To Act That Way,
I Apologize For Having Caused You So Much Pain.

I Know My Actions Have Created A Gap Between Us I Have No Idea How To Bridge It,

I Hope My Apology Will Be The First Building Block For Us Getting Back To Where We Used To Be.