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30 Wedding Anniversary Messages and Wishes

Marriages are made in heaven. The married people celebrate their wedding anniversaries every year with the stronger bond of love.  With each passing year, the bond between the couple increases and they love each other more. The anniversaries are the moment of happiness and togetherness.

We have made a collection of wedding anniversary messages that can be sent to the couples to wish them happy long wedding life.The list contains wedding anniversary messages for husband, wedding anniversary messages, and wishes for the wife and anniversary wishes and messages for the couples.

All my life i have been anticipating a miracle to manifest
To alternate the course of my life
To bring the life I’ve been dreaming off
Questioning when my existence will begin
And few years ago you came to my life
Making it divine
And that i thank you for being a part of it
Happy anniversary message for your well being.

With another year of our togetherness, the new sunrays have fallen
Wish to stay together forever
And face all problems together that come in our path
Love you
Happy Anniversary

God is so generous, merciful and kind;
In marital knots, the individuals He binds;
I am so grateful that He helped me find;
A friend for my life to be on cloud nine.
Happy wedding anniversary, my love

We had our ups & downs, this we both know through it all our Love still managed to grow. Different thoughts we had about many things but our love for each other had no attached strings. Happy Anniversary

The hands can only built a house, but it is called home by two loving hearts. Thank you dear to transforming my house into home.

Praying for your intimacy, joy and fortune till infinity. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Ever since you came in my life, my life has become an amazing journey that I wish to travel with you forever. Happy Anniversary to dear wife!

You know what is the best thing in the world? It is to realise that the person you love, loves you more. Wish we stay together forever.

On this special day I would Thank you for standing along me in ups and downs of my life. You have been my strength that helped me to face all troubles in life.

Time passes and years go by
We stood with each other till now
Seems from time immemorial we are together
Haven’t spent a moment without each other
And want to stay with you forever
Happy anniversary

Promise you, no matter what may come I will there with you forever. Happy Anniversary

Our anniversary may come and go
But I want you to know,
We may keep on aging
Yet our bond will stay strong
Happy Anniversary Dear

With the bond you share and love you show to each other, we know you make each other’s life fulfilled. Happy anniversary to the best couple of the world.

You made me realise how it feels to be loved and made me realised how it feels to love someone. I pray to God to keep you as loving as always. Happy Anniversary.


I may fight you with you daily and have more than hundred reasons to fight with you but I want you to know that I have more than thousands reason to love you. Wishing you a very happy anniversary.


Two unique people create a cherishing pair. It feels delighted to being around each other. We send you the best wishes for the years of bliss and pleasure. May each year keep getting better for you. Happy Anniversary to the awesome couple.


When the sight of future will make you worry or memories of past will make you sad, you will find me beside you to pass all ups and downs on the way. Happy Anniversary


Anniversaries are to celebrate a life full of love and togetherness. May God give you many more reasons to celebrate your anniversaries.


I am really blessed to find a wonderful person and a great friend in you. You have made our home the most beautiful place in the world. Thank you for everything. Happy Wedding Anniversary.


Few are blessed to have love in their life, I believe I am the lucky one to get you as a wife, May our love shine forever and we stand beside each other may conditions be whatsoever.


Trusting each other for all these years and adoration that we share, is still intact after so many years bringing love, bliss and satisfaction to celebrate. Happy Anniversary.


For me there is nothing in the world more amazing then the love that you have given me. I pray to God to shower your love on me for my whole life. Happy Anniversary.


Love and Living together is not only about the beautiful sunshine. It also contains the storms and hardships to face together under one roof. Happy Anniversary dear to be with me always.


Every year our anniversary remind me of the blessings that God has bestowed on me in the form of a loving and caring person like you. Hope God keep us happy by showering his blessings on us forever.

God makes the marriages in heaven to create a wonderful life but it was you who fulfilled what the God had planned for me. Stay like that forever dear. Happy Wedding Anniversary.


When we got married I was a bit confused. However after spending all these years with a person like you, I consider it was the best decision I made. Thank You for loving me so much.


May you stay together forever and find in each other the adoration, love and happiness. Happy Anniversary to both of you.


What could be more amazing in this world then the two amazing people coming together as husband and wife and loving each other for life. Happy Anniversary to the two amazing people in this world.


The anniversaries can’t be counted by the years passed but they are counted by the love you showed to each other, the emotions that you shared with each other and moments that you created. Happy Anniversary.


Happy Wedding Anniversary to the best couple whose love for each other is an inspiration to all the people around you. Wishing you more the whole life full of love and compassion.