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Words of Love – What is true love?

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How will you describe what is true LOVE? What defines the definition of love?

Love is something that starts as well as ends with the eyes.

Love is cuddling under a blanket and sharing hot chocolate together on a dark winter night.

Love is dreaming about the same person every night.

Love is something that cannot really be expressed, it can only be felt.

Loving the one you know will never love you back is like jumping in the ocean knowing that you will drown.

Love is the only fairytale!

True love is a feeling that one never gets tired of.

Living your life without love is like walking in darkness.

Isn’t it so funny that when you first meet a person you have absolutely no idea about how important they might become for you tomorrow?

Love never ends, provided it is with the correct person.

Smiling on your worst days, singing romantic songs under the shower, dancing in the rain, checking yourself out like a million times in the mirror-Love can truly make you do crazy things!

True love can only grow with time.

Love cannot be conditional. If it is conditional, then it is not love.

Love is even when you are 99% sure that the opposite person doesn’t love you back, for some reason that 1% seems so hopeful.

Love is when you don’t even know about the number of sacrifices you make for that person.

Love is when you start obsessing over a color just because that special someone said you look good in it.

Love is like chocolate. At first you enjoy it, later you regret!

Love changes the whole meaning of being perfect, doesn’t it?

Heart skipping a beat, getting goose bumps, suffering from sleepless nights, smiling without reason, singing love songs and constantly thinking about that one person is called the sweet illness of love.

Be very careful when you tell a girl that you love her. She will actually believe it.

Love cannot be search for and it definitely cannot be arranged. It just seems to show up when you least expect it to.

Be very careful when you are breaking somebody’s heart for the rule of love is what goes around comes around.

Love cuts through the boundaries of religion, caste, race and color. It is the only religion that everybody seems to follow.

Love is not just a feeling shared between two people. It is also the feeling that binds friends, families, a country and also the whole world.

Love knows no boundaries. It is a wonder how people still draw a list of criteria when it comes to picking their dream match.

There is nothing like unconditional love. There is only one thing called love and that is unconditional already. If not then it is not love.

The day you find yourself smiling for no reason, dreaming about one person all the time and wanting to become something in life, you’re in love.

Unlike time and tide, true love waits forever.

Love maybe only a four letter word. But it is more powerful than anything in the world. It can alone make you the happiest person in the world, or the saddest.

Love is like a tree. Its roots grows deeper and deeper with time.

No matter what problem you are facing, love always manages to find a perfect solution.

Love is the only warrior who in the battle of feelings, instead of fighting for itself, fights for the sake of others.

What can be more beautiful that the feeling, that puts all other feelings to shame? Love.

A person without love in his heart, is not a person at all.