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8 Valentine’s Ideas and Gifts

valentine candy gifts - 8 Valentine's Ideas and Gifts - Love & Relationship

Valentine Day gift ideas

Are you having trouble thinking of the right Valentine’s gift for your significant other?

Have you planned what to do and where to go for the romantic evening on Valentine’s day?

Well, if you already have something in mind, good for you but I guess plenty of the guys out there are having a hard time. Me too, having a hard cracking my brain for more ideas and thinking what to give for my significant other. I am sure that for most of us, we have been giving little gifts here and there and all the romantic ideas and gifts seems to run out. Here are some of my ideas to help you to create a romantic and memorable Valentine’s Day.

valentine candy gifts - 8 Valentine's Ideas and Gifts - Love & Relationship

  1. Personalized Photo Locket
    A very sweet and personalized gift for your loved ones. You can engrave your photo on the metal itself. A precious gift your loved ones will keep it close to them and a memorable gift that will last a long time.
  2. Lingerie
    Buy a sexy, beautiful, exotic lingerie that she always fantasizes for. If you watch desperate housewives, there are lots of ideas you can draw from.
  3. A crazy idea – Yourself
    Putting yourself in a huge, gift box that you can fit into and hiring a group of friends to deliver yourself to a place where you will meet her. But first wear something out of the ordinary so when she opened the box, she’ll be surprised and laughing at the same time.
  4. My fantasy idea
    Words in the sky
    Perhaps you have seen this in the movies, the air planes smoke the sky with the words “I love you, (their name)”. Of course it’s not going to be cheap nor environmental friendly but I’m sure she is going to remember this for life.
  5. Candle Light Dinner
    You may think this is too tradition but if you are not a good chef, this is going to be tough for you. Because you are going to learn to make the dish within this few days. It’s the effort and sweat that you put in and show that counts! Do not just spend some money and go to restaurant, start to learn now!
  6. Rose Petals pathway
    Lay rose petals all the way from your door steps to the bedroom to form a grand welcome while you lie in the bed waiting for their arrivals. Prepare a champagne beside the bed to enjoy.
  7. A warm fragrant spa
    Enjoy a romantic spa with your loved ones.
  8. Number One Idea
    What’s the Number 1 thing that your loved ones love and dreamt of in a relationship? It’s up to you to find out without letting them know. It’s not about the money nor how creative the idea. It’s about the effort, the time, that you put in to love your significant other, that I think will truly give more juice and happiness to the relationship.