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35 Advice messages to live a successful life

Advice messages to live a successful life

Life has various ups and downs.  We regularly need advice messages to keep us motivated. Some things make us happy, some things make us sad. There are things in life that are controllable and then there are things that we cannot control. The following list of advice for relationships will help you in managing your life properly and living a purposeful life.

These bits of advice for life need to be followed to maintain proper relations with our self, our friends, and family. Share and spread these advice quotes in order to spread happiness.

The coins clink but the high-value currency doesn’t. Stay humble when your worth increases.


Your heart is like the vessel of aroma. You keep it close, no one gets the scent, you keep it open it loses the aroma. The aroma is to be opened for only those who touch your Heart.


Sit in peace every day not to bother about the past but to dream about the future.


Head controls you, while your heart controls others.


Spend time with the special ones when you feel broken down. Medicines can’t heal some ailments a good friend can.


Don’t commit anything when you are delighted, don’t respond when you are annoyed and don’t take any decision when you feel dejected.


Gone is the past, take experience from it. The future lies beyond brace up for it. The present is here, be alive in it.


Reading success stories may motivate you but reading stories of the failure gives you new ideas to succeed in life.


Two types of people stay satisfied in life, first a child and second a crazy person. Be crazy enough to reach your goals and stay like a child to be content with what you have.


To get success in life, before advising others follow your ownadvises


Never hurt someone who loves you, take time for the one who may need you, never bluff someone who believes in you, always hold over the person who remembers you.


Whenever things don’t go as you desire, be thankful to God for the other things going right.


Need not worry what others say about you. These are the people who keep looking for blunders in your life rather than amending their own.


Music has the healing power; a good music can heal the scars of a bad day.


Happiness is not in fulfilling your desires, happiness is being content with what you have.


Pray as if God is responsible for everything, Work as if you are responsible for everything. Use your brains to guide yourself and use your heart to guide others.


It’s better to be alone rather than with the people who hurt you.


Winning someone is much more difficult than defeating someone.


Need not worry about the future. When the things happen they happen in the most unbelievable and amazing ways.


Others should not be forced to remember you. They must be left on their own and made realize your real worth in their lives.


Ever you get an opportunity to do something amazing, don’t say no, just go to it and learn while doing.


If ever your hearts get break, connect the pieces, push yourself up and move forward with the lessons learned.


Thinking about the past, brings tears, thinking about future brings fears. Stay in present, it brings cheers.


Raising voice is not the solution to an argument, raising the value and improving your argument is.


Your character is more important than your reputation.


When in bad mood, don’t speak bad words. The bad mood can be changed but the bad words once used cannot be taken back.


A marvelous person can even love an animal, but callous will even hate the humans.


Long lasting resolutions should not be made using momentary emotions.


Want to see yourself clearly, watch through the other’s eyes.


Your approach towards a problem is essential than the problem itself. So act positively when you are in a problem.


Winning someone’s heart is harder than defeating someone.


Stop thinking about money and think about the aim in life, money will soon follow.


Future cannot be changed but your habits can. Change the habits and the future will change.


The only discipline can cure a wandering mind.


While being alone you need to take care of what you think, while with others you need to think about what you speak.