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I Love You Poems

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Me To You

The day you told me how you feel,
I felt as if it was meant to be,
Because I liked you too.
As each day pass,
my feelings for you grew.
It is clear to see,
How my heart races with time
when you’re with me.
Then I realized,
love is beautiful.
Always looking forward,
To spend our days together,
Filling it with sweet memories,
For our little hearts to remember.
But deep inside,
I knew our days together will soon end.
With tears on my pillow,
I would count the time we have left.
Sometimes I stop to think,
How it would be like.
Not having you beside me,
Just kills me inside.
But whatever happens to us,
I will never forget.
You are my first,
And I have no regrets.
Ending this with a short prayer,
And hoping we will never part.
My feelings for you are said
In four letters, two words,
And in the middle,
A heart.

I Love You.