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Love SMS

I Miss U Wen Smthing
Gud Happens, Coz Ur Da 1 I
Wanna Share It Wd.
I Miss U Wen Smthing Z
Troubling Me, Coz Ur Da One
At Understands Me
Soo Well. I Miss U Wen I
Laugh & Cry, Coz I Know
Dat U R Da 1 Dat Makes Ma
Laughter Grow & Ma
Tearz Disappear. I Miss U Awl
Da Time, But I Miss
U Da Most Wen I Lay Awake
At Night, & Think Of Awl
Da Wonderful Timez Dat
We Spent Wd Each Other
4 Thoz Were Some Of Da Best
& Most Memorable
Timez Of Ma Life.