Love SMS

Grl: Dad My Techr Ask Me What
Ur Dad Do ?
Dad: What U Said ?
Grl: I Said He Works In A Choklet
Faktory & Brings Lots Of Choklet For Me?
In Evng He Works In N Ice Crem
Prlor & I Eat My Fvr8 Flvr ?
He Also Works In A Toys Shop & Bring
Me Soft & Cudy Tedys ? Sometims He
Is A Techr Also Bcoz He Hlps Me In
My Homwrk.. He Is Vry Strng &
Hrd Workd.. He Wrks From Mrng 2
Evng & Nvr Get Tired Nd Alwys Thre
For Me ? Dad Did I Said Right ?
Dad: I Luv U So Much Baby ?
Grl: I Luv U 2 Dad.

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