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Love Poems Quotes

Promise you will forever be same

Promise that we’ll always and forever be same
Promise you’ll be a friend and more, and stay
You are the one who gave me a reason to smile
When there was really none and life didn’t seem worthwhile
Now that I have you I can’t let go
We are not just friends, we were meant to be more
Don’t deny what you already feel
It all seems perfect, and it feels too real
I have waited all my life to have someone like you
Who really knows me and makes me feel brand new
Now that we are together you can finally see
How I feel about you and what you mean to me.

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We met as strangers

We met as strangers and then became such good friends
Now that we are together let us just not pretend
That this is just friendship, and nothing more
For I can now feel things that I never felt before
Suddenly the world seems like a beautiful place
The kind that seems like I’m living a fairytale
So stay with me forever and do not ever let go
We are more than just friends and in your heart you too know so.

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You are the angel sent for me

I’ve always known a thing or two about love
You are the angel sent for me from above
Like you do, I know what you’re thinking about
I want to shout it whenever the lights go out
You’re a friend I’ve needed with me all this while
You’re the one who keeps me smiling all the time
I miss that laughter when the day gets over
What I feel about you, I don’t feel it for another
For you are the one that knows me inside out, there can never be some other.

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You make me feel alive

Come, tell me now how you make me feel alive
You got that magic I’m happy to have in my life
You are the only one at the end of the tiring day
You are who you are and I look at it that way
You arrived in an enchanting fashion like that
I run away from love, but I come running back
It’s more than friendship if you know the difference
You and I are just caught up in our feelings
The kind that does never erase
So its time to embrace what we have for each other
And to be truly together.

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