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crush sayings

I lie awake in my bed

“There are days when I lie awake in my bed and wonder
How could I have gotten so lucky.
You came into my life like those princes of tales yonder
And made my life feel so complete.
So now that I have you for myself, I know for sure
That I am yours forever more
You are the reason why I can smile in the morning again
Feel happy, complete and safe.
You are the reason for my existence
And the reason that I have the courage to make it through the day.
I love you more than words can say.
So forgive my humble attempt,
I just want to say that I love you so
And will continue to do so forever more. “

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Love me now and leave me never

You are the reason that the sun shines brighter
Your love just makes feel like soaring higher.
I love you too much to let you go
And I know more now that you are the one for me.
So I take this chance today to let you know
That you are in my heart forever and will be ever so.
You have made me feel like a brand new person,
And for that I will forever be grateful.
There never was and never can be another you,
That you are the one who makes me smile, this much is true.
So love me now and leave me never,
Let us spend an eternity together.

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My love is like a sweet symphony

My love for you is like a sweet symphony,
The melody is in the beating of our hearts.
The day that I first met you, a voice spoke from deep inside
It told me that I had finally found someone
Whom I could love all my life.
And since that day we have been together partners in everything
You are where my morning starts, where all the days begin.
You have given me everything that one could ask for,
And for that, I am yours.
So this little poem is but a token,
Of a love that is so much more.

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I love you and you know it

I love you, and you know that’s true.
No truer three words were ever known.
You have been the music of every song
That my heart has ever sung strong.
Our love is like a fairytale
Where there is a happily ever after.
With you, I know that I can never fail,
And with you by my side, I couldn’t ask for more

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