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Categories: Crush Quotes

Why Do they Call It a Crush?

You Have No Idea How Fast My Heart Beats When I See u..

She Likes Him. He Likes Her. Everyone Knows.Except Them

When a girl asks a guy to listeen a song , it’s because the lyrics are all the words She’s Afraid to say.

He’s not the only guy in the universe, But he’s the only one that matters.

I love it when i catch you looking at me then u smile & look away.

Why Do they Call It a CRUSH? Becoz that’s how u feel when they don’t feel the same way in return.

You Don’t mean anything to ME….You Mean Everything to ME

You’ll Never get over with a CRUSH until you find a new one.

Sometimes i wish i could crawl inside his head just to know what he is thinking when he talks to me

I have a hopeless crush on someone i have no chance with.


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