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Crush Quotes

These love quotes for your crush can help you win his/her heart. Browse through our collection of these amazing crush quotes and sayings and vent out your innermost feelings for the one who has mesmerized you with his/her charm.

Why Do they Call It a Crush?


3 years ago

When you have a crush

When you have a crush, the person seems to be your whole world, and your whole world seems to be…

4 years ago

Your fantasies.

You know you have a crush when your fantasies seem to come to life.

4 years ago

You feel free to be goofy.

When you have a crush you don't mind acting silly - tripping over yourself, laughing for no reasons, feeling light…

4 years ago

Love unlocks doors

Love unlocks doors and opens windows that weren't even there before. - Mignon McLaughlin

4 years ago